Science at CHS – Parabens

GRACE KNUTSEN   This article, the first in a three part series regarding general consumer product awareness, explores the potential health risks associated with parabens in the cosmetics and personal care industry. These days, “paraben-free” is a popular consumer-marketing trend, and specifically, it’s created a lot of noise in the beauty product industry.  As consumers,... Continue Reading →

Generation Z and the Tide Pod Challenge

ETHAN BOGGS   Anyone that has been on social media in the past three months has most likely heard of the Tide Pods craze. While it was still viral, it was extremely common to hear jokes involving the laundry detergent online, in school, and elsewhere. As with most other memes, the craze died out about... Continue Reading →

Wakanda Forever

FORREST IRVINE   Like last year’s Wonder Woman, Black Panther is a landmark of cultural representation in superhero movies and, luckily, a darn good movie as well. The run time is fueled by the same cool yet intentionally emotionally frenetic approach to scenes and characters that made director Ryan Coogler’s previous film, Creed, stand out... Continue Reading →

The Most Difficult Classes at CHS

TAYLOR SILBERNAGEL Whether you are an incoming freshman or a graduating senior everybody has an opinion on what are the hardest classes here at Corvallis High School. For an upperclassman the wide array of advanced AP classes is the most difficult courses they have endured. Whereas for the freshman attempting to survive their first year... Continue Reading →

Days of March

ELENA IRISH   Unless you're planning on celebrating St. Patrick's Day on the 17th, March isn't exactly the most festive time of the year. And sure, anyone can dress up like a leprechaun for one day out of every 365. But what about baking a mathematically inspired pie? Or making the world a bit greener... Continue Reading →

There’s A Place For US

MALI GOTTFRIED    West Side Story is a modern day take on Romeo and Juliet, based in the streets of the upper west side New York. The musical is centered around two groups, the Jets, a white gang, led by Riff (Graice Miller), and the Sharks, a Puerto Rican gang, led by Bernardo (Aaron Lewis).... Continue Reading →

Mr./Ms. Spartan 2018: The Contestants

KARI GOTTFRIED   It’s seven months of non-stop action. It’s over a hundred thousand dollars for five local charities. For some, it’s the pinnacle of their high school experience. What is it? The Mr./Ms. Spartan program. For the next few months, the High-O-Scope will be providing you with the inside scoop on this year’s Mr./Ms.... Continue Reading →

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