Football Game 9/15

The Spartans lost 3-13 against South Albany. Come see them next week at Crescent Valley for the annual rivalry game! Photo & video in post.

The Ten Spartan Commandments

JACOB BRANT   Number one, don’t flaunt your daddy’s wealth, it’s really not good for your social health. Number two, realize it takes just as much time for cheating as it does for you to do a little studying. Number three, know who your real friends are, for this, I suggest a high bar. Number... Continue Reading →

Things to Do in Corvallis

KARI GOTTFRIED It’s a sunny Saturday in September, and you want to hang out with friends. But what do you do? Walk around downtown...again? See an overpriced movie? Just lie around at home, hoping to think of something fun - and inexpensive - to do? Wait no more, because this is a list of some... Continue Reading →

We Are Sparta

GRACE KNUTSEN We are the Spartans. It’s easy to say, but have you ever wondered why the founders of Corvallis High School decided to choose an ancient Greek warrior as our school mascot? After some lengthy research on the Spartans and the qualities and beliefs of their culture, I can see why the Spartans are... Continue Reading →

Make the Most Out of a Football Game

GRACE KNUTSEN Video by KARI GOTTFRIED Above: The Spartans get ready for a home game against the Lava Bears, with the band playing "The Chintimini March". The cheerleaders prepare for a night of excitement. Students dress in camouflage. Below: The band plays our fight song again as the Sparts head off the field after a... Continue Reading →

The City of Brotherly Love

This article was written for Jcamp 2017, which you can read about here. The article was first featured here.  What’s in a name? In the case of Philadelphia, a lot. Named by William Penn in 1681, the founder of the Pennsylvania colony drew inspiration from the Greek roots: phileo for love and adelphos for brother. That’s how... Continue Reading →

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