A Brand New Face for an Old Paper

AVERY ALLEN 10/28/2015 In the spirit of Halloween, a dedicated group of CHS students have taken it upon themselves to raise CHS’s paper, The High-O-Scope, back from the dead. The paper is the product of the newly established Journalism Club, a group of 10-15 students who meet weekly to create and publish news stories relevant... Continue Reading →

Remembering John Callahan

MEGAN STEWART 10/31/2015 On October 5, CHS alumni and former Varsity Boys Soccer head coach, John Callahan, passed away, after spending months fighting a new bout of cancer. Known to many as JC, he left behind grieving family members and friends alike, including the current Varsity athletes, now coached by Chad Foley. Since JC spent... Continue Reading →

The Memory Project

Art project raises awareness, gives hope ARUSHI AURORA  10/25/2015 "A picture is worth a thousand words.” It’s the age old saying that everyone has heard of. Pictures document everything from special events to sad times to funny moments - all to be reminisced about later. They capture friendships, emotions, memories and more. In today’s fast... Continue Reading →

Halloween Weekend Offers Mixed Bag for Spartans

CLARK SHIMEALL 11/1/2015 The CHS Varsity Football team took a bitter 34-35 loss friday night to South Albany, derailing their hopes to qualify for postseason playoffs. Despite the tough defeat, the spirits of attending students were lifted by a Halloween themed dance immediately following the game. Bedecked in costumes, over 170 CHS students congregated in... Continue Reading →

CHS Cross Country- Climbing Mountains

BRIAN CEBRA 11/03/2015 “I had only been up McCulloch Peak once before.” Ryan Frederickson echoes the experience many of the boys on the CHS varsity Cross Country teams. Yet by the end of the summer, the boys team had ascended the 2,178-foot hill in McDonald Forest over seven times. It became almost an expected challenge... Continue Reading →

CHS Drama Debuts The Crucible

CLARK SHIMEALL 11/2/2015 This November, the Corvallis High School Theater Department debuts an adaptation of Arthur Miller’s The Crucible on the main stage.Written in 1953, during a period of political repression and anti-communist fervor now referred to as McCarthyism, The Crucible offers a fascinating and emotional depiction of the Salem Witch Trials. “It’s different than... Continue Reading →

The Big Issues- Candidates on Gun Control

Note from the Editors: With the presidential election looming and many of you approaching voting age, the CHS Journalism Club has decided to provide some basic information on the leading candidates and their stances on key issues. We aim to be concise, understandable and unbiased. If anyone feels that a candidate has been misrepresented or... Continue Reading →

Letter from the Editor

Hi there! Welcome to the site of the new Corvallis High School High-O-Scope. The new High-O-Scope is our humble attempt to rekindle the spirit of journalistic enquiry and exploration created by generations of CHS students before us. We aim to create a forum that fosters communication and unity. A place where, and more importantly, the idea that, every individual affiliated with Corvallis... Continue Reading →


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