A Brand New Face for an Old Paper



In the spirit of Halloween, a dedicated group of CHS students have taken it upon themselves to raise CHS’s paper, The High-O-Scope, back from the dead. The paper is the product of the newly established Journalism Club, a group of 10-15 students who meet weekly to create and publish news stories relevant to Corvallis High School’s staff and student body.
“A monthly newspaper is the perfect medium for sharing in-depth stories without sacrificing relavancy,” says Clark Shimeall, co-founder of Journalism Club. “Our goal is to create a platform that fosters and facilitates both communication between and awareness of everyone affiliated with Corvallis High- from students to staff and everyone in between.”
Club co-founder Brian Cebra elaborates, “CHS’s student body is very large and highly diverse, which we think is great, but as a result it is also pretty seperated. You see a lot of division amongst different individuals and groups, which leads to a lack of cohesion and school identity.”
The club founders stated a desire to make everyone feel welcome as a primary motivation for establishing the paper. “CHS is such an amazing school, with so many amazing opportunities,” says Shimeall. “We want everyone to be aware of what’s going on and more importantly, feel included enough to participate.”
Cebra and Shimeall are quick to add that, while this incarnation of the paper is entirely new, they are continuing a legacy set in place long before their time. The original High-O-Scope was founded in 1920, just 10 years after the establishment of the school. In one form or another, it has played a role throughout much of CHS’s history, but with the move to our new building in 2005, it sputtered and by the end of 2007, had died entirely.
Now the CHS Journalism Club means to bring it back. Only time- and student interest, Shimeall adds- will tell if they succeed.

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