CHS Drama Debuts The Crucible



This November, the Corvallis High School Theater Department debuts an adaptation of Arthur Miller’s The Crucible on the main stage.Written in 1953, during a period of political repression and anti-communist fervor now referred to as McCarthyism, The Crucible offers a fascinating and emotional depiction of the Salem Witch Trials.
“It’s different than most show’s we’ve ever done,” says Ellie Gelser, who plays female lead Abigail Williams. “It’s a drama, which hasn’t been done on the CHS main stage in a really long time.”
CHS’s rendition of The Crucible features a minimalist set design which, according to Gelser, “puts a lot of emphasis on the actors and their portrayal of the characters. It’s really quite cool.”

The Crucible premiers Thursday, November 5 at 7:00. on the CHS main stage. Tickets for the first show are discounted $5, so don’t miss out! For a full schedule of show dates and times, or to buy tickets online, visit the Corvallis Theater web site.

photo from corvallis theaters

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