Letter from the Editor

Hi there! Welcome to the site of the new Corvallis High School High-O-Scope.

The new High-O-Scope is our humble attempt to rekindle the spirit of journalistic enquiry and exploration created by generations of CHS students before us. We aim to create a forum that fosters communication and unity. A place where, and more importantly, the idea that, every individual affiliated with Corvallis High School can feel represented and welcome.

This site is designed to serve as an alternative way for the CHS community to publish and access content pertinent to Corvallis High School. While we  at the High-O-Scope posit that print is a crucial part of making the paper as accessible as possible, we also recognize that online media is the future of journalism and thus should be incorporated into our distribution.

Articles will have a designated writer and date and will be separate entities, but due to logistical constraints, each issue will be published online concomitantly.

Feel free to contact us at any time. Please enjoy our online version of the new High-O-Scope.

Clark A. Shimeall                                                                                                                         


Editor and Journalism Club Co-Founder

November 7th, 2015

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