Pride Week and the QSA

BRIAN CEBRA 5/12/2016 High schools are a tough place to fight for LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer) rights. Society seems to mandate separate sports teams for girls and boys, separate locker rooms for girls and boys, and Prom “Kings” and “Queens”. Many young people who are questioning their gender identity feel left out of... Continue Reading →

The Students Have Spoken

GENEVA WOLFE 5/17/2016 After hours of campaigning and voting, the sophomore and junior class presidents of 2016-17 have been decided. Caspian and Alex, the freshman presidents this past year, will be continuing their leading roles as sophomores while taking on many new jobs. Though they pursue different activities, Caspian excitedly answered, “We work really well... Continue Reading →

A Night To Remember

 Photo courtesy of Thanks!  KARI GOTTFRIED 5/17/2016 Prom. The night that every high schooler dreams of, a night of dancing, laughter and memories. This year’s prom theme was Midnight Sky, and CHS upperclassmen spent the evening at Ashbrook Independent School, where the event was hosted. Although the food wasn’t as good as it has... Continue Reading →

The End of an Era

  KARI GOTTFRIED 5/10/2016 Four years have flown by, and what will later be known as The Allen Period is ending soon. In just one short month, Avery Allen and the rest of the seniors will graduate, leaving behind distraught students, wondering what to do now that their presidents are gone. Well, maybe they won’t... Continue Reading →

Concert Choir: The Returning Champions

JEREMY KING 5/12/2016 In case you weren’t already aware, the Concert Choir won the OSAA State Championships this year, their second consecutive win, directed by none other than Mrs. Patterson. All the members worked hard and dedicated time out of school for extra rehearsals, not to mention lunchtime rehearsals. Josephine Crofoot, who sang the solo... Continue Reading →

Choosing the Next Sophomore Class Presidents

GENEVA WOLFE 5/12/2016 As this school year comes to an end, Corvallis High freshmen are faced with the task of choosing their sophomore class presidents for next year. The class of 2019 has two outstanding pairs, Kari Gottfried and Anna Kern; and Caspian Larkins and Alex Nelson. Caspian and Alex were the Freshman Class Presidents... Continue Reading →

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