Choosing the Next Sophomore Class Presidents

GENEVA WOLFE 5/12/2016

As this school year comes to an end, Corvallis High freshmen are faced with the task of choosing their sophomore class presidents for next year. The class of 2019 has two outstanding pairs, Kari Gottfried and Anna Kern; and Caspian Larkins and Alex Nelson. Caspian and Alex were the Freshman Class Presidents this past year, and are hoping to continue their leading roles as sophomores while taking on the many new jobs. Though they pursue different activities, Caspian excitedly answered “We work really well together! When one of us is super busy or can’t do something, the other one covers for us. We both equally wanted to run for president so there were no problems.” Kari and Anna on the other hand have not had this large role before, but they are bringing many creative ideas into the campaign trail. “I want to improve the school dress code and make it more equal,” Kari has stated. “I’d like to take into account everybody’s forms of expression while also making it school appropriate.” As the election comes nearer, it is clear that both pairs of candidates for sophomore class president will only continue to add to the positive atmosphere of CHS. Voting takes place tomorrow in the forum during lunch.

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