The End of an Era



Four years have flown by, and what will later be known as The Allen Period is ending soon. In just one short month, Avery Allen and the rest of the seniors will graduate, leaving behind distraught students, wondering what to do now that their presidents are gone. Well, maybe they won’t be completely at a loss. With Avery’s help, ASB (our student government system) was restarted, and she’s passed down her tools of success to other students. She’s quick to credit her ASB co-president, Emma Nylin. “Emma is such a great person to work with”,  Avery says.  “She’s dedicated to bettering CHS and balances her busy life so gracefully”. Emma isn’t the only one with a busy life! Avery seems to have done more than any one student should be able to do. Besides being this year’s ASB co-president, she was sophomore class president and junior class co-president. She was on the junior crew for Mr. & Ms. Spartan 2015, as well as head coordinator this year. She was in charge of the Odd Fellows Hall Sock Drive, and recently went to Washington D.C. as one of the Oregon youth senators. Avery has acted in several plays in CHS and in Albany, (anyone remember the Russian dancers in Fiddler on the Roof?) Last but certainly not least, she’s been the voice you’ve heard on the CHS announcements for three years. If all of Avery’s accomplishments were written down, it would fill up the whole paper, so it’ll have to be left it at that, but know this: Avery Allen is not someone who sits around waiting for things to be handed to her. She’s dedicated, ambitious, and generous. Says Avery, “I never would have dreamed of being able to participate in everything [that I have]. I think my perseverance plays a part in my success, but more than anything else I owe my happiness to the support of others… I’d like to thank CHS and the city of Corvallis for providing me with so many incredible opportunities.” Avery is more than a student, she’s a force of nature, and students and staff alike will be looking at newspaper headlines to see what she does next. After she graduates, she’ll head to Mount Holyoke College in Massachusetts, and from there, who knows? Even with her life moving in an entirely new direction, she won’t forget what brought her to where she is today: being kind, having a good attitude, and never giving up. So for the last time…Signing off, Avery Allen.

Photo courtesy of Avery Allen: @presidentavery on Instagram

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