A Night To Remember

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Prom. The night that every high schooler dreams of, a night of dancing, laughter and memories. This year’s prom theme was Midnight Sky, and CHS upperclassmen spent the evening at Ashbrook Independent School, where the event was hosted. Although the food wasn’t as good as it has been in years past, this year’s chocolate fondue was a hit. Jonathan He & Joli Nguyen were voted Prom King and Prom Queen, and their dance song was Adele’s “Hello”. Some words that students used to describe CHS Prom 2016 were: short, aight, fun, blazin’, and dance-y. But the most important part of prom for many students wasn’t the decorations, the food, or the music (although it was admittedly “better than last year’s”), but the most important part for many was the friends that danced alongside them. As Phoebe Mallory, a senior, puts it, “I had fun because of the people I was with.”

What word would you use to describe this year’s prom?



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