The Students Have Spoken

GENEVA WOLFE 5/17/2016

After hours of campaigning and voting, the sophomore and junior class presidents of 2016-17 have been decided. Caspian and Alex, the freshman presidents this past year, will be continuing their leading roles as sophomores while taking on many new jobs. Though they pursue different activities, Caspian excitedly answered, “We work really well together! When one of us is super busy or can’t do something, the other one covers for us. We both equally wanted to run for president so there were no problems.” These two Spartans can’t wait to make an outstanding Winter Formal and continue to help CHS overachieve in every way possible.

The new junior class presidents, Anabel Chang and James Wilson, will be leading CHS for the first time next year, and they can’t wait to bring their fresh ideas to the student government. Their hope is that their classmates will be more involved with the school and its changes. “We want the voices of the students to greatly influence what goes on in the school,” James stated. This presidential duo has known each other for many years and will bring their similar opinions and plans together to make Corvallis High a great place for everyone.

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