Senior Awards


While the seniors were busy pining for June 13, the teachers were reflecting on the incredible joy they’ve had this year teaching these amazing students. But, some students rise above the rest, and it’s only fair to recognize their hard work by rewarding them with… a mention in the newspaper. But seriously, congratulations, from all of journalism club. You deserve this. The following quotes are from a variety of CHS teachers, when asked to describe the following students:

Fine Arts: Sean Akroyd: He has a really deep understanding about art and is able to express philosophical ideas in his work.

Theatre: Brenna McCulloch: She’s not a triple threat, she’s a quadruple threat, because she’s savvy smart, too. Remember her name because someday you will say, “Hey! I went to highschool with her!”

Technical Arts: Bryce Outland. He is professional with integrity and a high degree of precision. Bryce is reliable and always willing to lend a hand. [He’s a] great kid.

Music: Katey Simmons: She will be a fantastic music educator. Her musicianship and leadership abilities are outstanding and she will be dearly missed by the choir program.

Science: Katie Moreno: She has dominated all three AP science classes, and last year we recognized her as top junior physics student with the Renssalaer Medal. She is able to perform academically at a top level while also competing in soccer, downhill skiing, ultimate Frisbee, [and band].

Social Studies:  Avery Allen: She is very interested in history and political science, continues to pursue channels to expand her knowledge, and is exploring a career path [in social studies] as well.

World Languages:  Rochelle Jubert: She has excelled in French, German and Spanish and has earned the Oregon State Seal of Biliteracy in both French and Spanish (and potentially German). [She has] been a model student as well as being courteous, responsible and involved with the community.

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