September 2016

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Hey Sparts! Welcome to the website of our school newspaper, the CHS High-O-Scope, which has been around since 1919. Subscribe today and be kept up to date about the most recent happenings at CHS and in the community. We endeavor to provide a reliable, unbiased source of information for the students of CHS, by the students of CHS. If you are a new student or a returning one, we encourage you to contribute to the newspaper! You don’t need to be interested in writing to help. We’re always looking for photographers and artists, and now that we’ve started this website we’d love help on the technology front! If you read this article because you went to the website after the football game, or you saw a link in the newspaper, or you got here through Instagram, it’s already proof of how information can travel quickly.

Journalism club is a great way to meet new friends, become a better writer, improve your college applications, and give back to the school. The newspaper gives you the chance to investigate, interview, and report. Being on the school newspaper is an invaluable resource, and its unique aspects will benefit you in ways only the newspaper can. So join today!

We meet every Friday in Mr. King’s room at lunch, and look forward to seeing you there.

Brian Cebra, Clark Shimeall, Geneva Wolfe & Kari Gottfried

Instagram: @chshighoscope

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