Freshman are Friends, Not Food


My favorite thing about starting school this year is that I’m a sophomore. Not that that’s any blessing in itself, mind you, but at least I’m not at freshman. I anticipated this day a lot… the day where I would be able to roll my eyes and say, “Freshmen” in that knowing tone of superiority as one of them did something silly. But as the day arrives, I realize that I don’t have that urge anymore. Because, in all honesty, a lot of them we went to middle school with. Some of them are only months younger than us. They don’t know their way around, but come on. We didn’t on our first day! So, I entreat you: think about yourself on your first day of highschool. Put yourself in their shoes. And when some helpless little 9th grader bumps into you, give them a smile instead of a scowl. Pay it forward, and who knows? Some of them are actually pretty cool.


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