Lead Update

Photo taken by Kari Gottfried. Please give credit. 

This summer, the Corvallis School District sent out several notices about elevated lead levels in certain schools. However, CHS has dodged this blow (mostly). According to the Corvallis School District website, out of the 97 water fixtures tested at CHS, there were 5 with elevated levels of lead. Those fixtures were in rooms T21, T42A, and T40 (in the T building). New information is constantly being retrieved, and there are apparently more facilities at risk for containing lead. Any water fixture with a sign that says something along the lines of “don’t drink” is unsafe to drink. Please use discretion and stay tuned for more updates. But CHS is a relatively new school and that is why most water is safe to drink. All of the schools in the Corvallis School District have been tested, and signs have been placed on all lead-positive fixtures. The CSD is being very prompt with testing, treating, and informing families about what is going on. Now that the water is being tested, it is safe to drink if there is no signage attached.


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