All Things Geek: Comic Con 2016

ALASDAIR PADMAN PORTLAND - It’s not everyday that you meet Deadpool—the merc with a mouth—dressed in a bathrobe. To top it all off, he’s studiously reading from an issue of People magazine with Ryan Reynold’s face on the cover. On a usual Saturday this might seem rather absurd, even for Portland, but on this day... Continue Reading →

American Pride

AARON LEWIS With the presidential election approaching in November, it is at this time once every four years that our country is infused with proud and powerful patriotism. Candidates preach American strength, revitalizing a belief in the greatness of our nation, while fervent supporters wave miniature Stars and Stripes in the audience.  Politicians often attempt... Continue Reading →

The Benefits of Yoga

RACHEL CONNER Are you stressed out? Is homework keeping you up late? Are you worried about your grades? Unfortunately, a good majority of students at CHS and high schools around the country would respond with an affirmative, “Yes!”. We’re now a few weeks into the school year, and many of us feel busy, tired and... Continue Reading →

A Leap of Faith

Pictured: Hannah Singleton & Grace Barry. Picture courtesy of Hannah Singleton. BRIAN CEBRA “Hey! I didn’t sign up for this!” This is an issue that many students at CHS hope not to have when they receive their schedules at registration. Some students, when faced with this situation, decide to keep whatever class they were assigned... Continue Reading →

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