A Leap of Faith

Pictured: Hannah Singleton & Grace Barry. Picture courtesy of Hannah Singleton.


“Hey! I didn’t sign up for this!”

This is an issue that many students at CHS hope not to have when they receive their schedules at registration. Some students, when faced with this situation, decide to keep whatever class they were assigned in their schedule, going out of their comfort zones.

One such student in fall 2015 was then-junior Grace Barry. On registration day, she found she was enrolled in Concert Choir, a class she had not planned on taking. However, she decided to keep it in her schedule, nervous but excited for a new experience. What started as a simple choice to stick with the class ended up becoming a whirlwind ride, introducing her to a new community, taking her to Disneyland, and capping it off by winning the state championship with her new friends. Barry calls this experience “one of the best decisions of [her] junior year”. She says that her experience in Concert Choir showed her “how a group of people from all different backgrounds with all different interests could get together, work hard for a common goal, and create something amazing.”

At the end of last year, Barry took another leap of faith.

Her friend Hannah Singleton offered her the opportunity to run together for Senior Class Presidents. After some thought, Barry decided to accept Singleton’s offer, now more excited than nervous about the journey that lay ahead. Becoming Senior Class Co-president “sounded like a fun thing to do and a good way to get to know [our] class better!”, says Grace. Now, Barry represents the senior class in the ASB council. Along with Singleton, they are tasked with planning the graduation ceremony in June and post-graduation reunions for the Class of 2017. While these may seem like daunting tasks, Barry remains calm. She just wants “to make sure that graduation is a memorable and amazing experience for our class.” She “hope[s] to bring [a] feeling of unity, creativity, and acceptance to CHS” with her position as Senior Class Co-president, much like the sentiment she found in concert choir.

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