The Benefits of Yoga


Are you stressed out?

Is homework keeping you up late?

Are you worried about your grades?

Unfortunately, a good majority of students at CHS and high schools around the country would respond with an affirmative, “Yes!”. We’re now a few weeks into the school year, and many of us feel busy, tired and overwhelmed. Our circumstances may not change, so how do we deal with the stress? One option that has been shown to have mental health benefits is yoga. According to Monitor on Psychology writer Amy Novotney, yoga may “reduce stress and relieve anxiety, depression and insomnia”. Senior Hannah Singleton has been experiencing some of these benefits of yoga for three years. She attends a free teen yoga class at LiveWell Studios, located on Spruce Street near Papa Murphy’s. Hannah says, “I like how relaxed and calm I feel after it,” and shares that she enjoys the routine and meditation aspects as well. Her instructor, Theresa McLaren shares that “It’s a good balance with school because it gives you time to slow down and connect with your breath, which can help calm your nervous system”. A number of other CHS students also attend the class and have found the hour to stretch, breathe and relax a positive addition to their lives. Kari Gottfried says, “When I started taking yoga I was really worried that I would mess up and be embarrassed, but I quickly realized that not only is everyone there incredibly nice and supportive, but that it doesn’t matter! Everybody has different abilities and that’s okay.” So if you feel stressed, anxious, or just want to stretch it out, give yoga a try!


The free class at LiveWell Studios runs from 4-5pm on Wednesday afternoons. Mats and equipment are provided. See Rachel Conner, Hannah Singleton or Kari Gottfried if you have any questions.

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