There is Such Thing as a Tesseract

KARI GOTTFRIED Meet Meg Murry. She hates her life and wishes she wasn’t so different. But over the course of two hours - meeting friends and traveling through space along the way - Meg comes to realize just how important her differences are. That is a very basic summary of the play “A Wrinkle in... Continue Reading →

A Story to Tell: Dani Valdés

This article is part of an ongoing series, "Everyone Has A Story" by Grace Knutsen. If you know someone whose story should be shared, contact us.  This summer, when I first heard about CHS sophomore Daniel “Dani” Valdés, friends and classmates told many things about his personality - he had a quirky sense of humor,... Continue Reading →

Punctuation, Papers and Politics

Photo from Visit Corvallis. Mrs. Ellis Runs For City Council BRIAN CEBRA Mrs. Charlyn Ellis, who teaches Honors and Regular American Lit, English Skills II, and Honors Intro to Lit; is running unopposed on November 8th for Ward 5’s representative to the Corvallis City Council. Ward 5 extends from the north edge of OSU to Grant... Continue Reading →

CHS Boys Soccer Playoffs

KARI GOTTFRIED Most recent news first; scroll down to see other stories. This article will be updated as the games are played and we get more information. Updates Round One~ November 2 @ home: CHS vs South Albany, 1-0 Quarterfinals~ November 5 @ Summit: CHS vs Summit, 0-1   Spartans End Their Season With A Close... Continue Reading →

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