CHS Boys Soccer Playoffs


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Round One~ November 2 @ home: CHS vs South Albany, 1-0

Quarterfinals~ November 5 @ Summit: CHS vs Summit, 0-1


Spartans End Their Season With A Close Loss

When the CHS boys finished their season at Summit today, many were disappointed with the close loss of 1-0. However, they didn’t let that stop them from celebrating their team’s success overall this fall. Riley Mellinger says, “I’m proud of our team, we played our hearts out… [Summit’s] goal was unlucky.” He credits Summit with taking advantage of the Corvallis’s slow start and coming out with energy. After Summit’s goal, the Sparts tried to make up the difference but just couldn’t quite get there. They tried their best and saved the game from becoming a complete massacre. Mellinger maintains that the team as a whole did their best, and credits senior Max Brune, a defender, as a key player in the game. “Max played incredibly… he kept it tight in the back and won a lot of crucial 50/50 balls.” Indeed, Mellinger goes on to declare that over the season Brune has been consistent and is a key factor in the Spartans’ success.

When asked if the referees’ calls had impacted the end result of the game, Mellinger replied, “There were some calls that were questionable, but it didn’t… have a huge impact on the game. You can never blame the referee.”
The game was exciting and nerve wracking, but as the clock ran down CHS just wasn’t able to recover. The loss means the end of CHS’s participation in this year’s OSAA playoffs, but the Spartans look forward to next season.

CHS Makes It Through Round One

The CHS Varsity Boys won their soccer game against South Albany 1-0 on Wednesday, November 2. After several shots on both teams that appeared to have made it in the goal but were discounted, as well as some that would have counted were it not for various players being offsides, the nerve wracking game game to a close as the Spartans sealed in their win. The weather was very nice for the spectators, and parents and students alike were there cheering our Spartans on. Sophomore Avery Whipple, who started Wednesday night’s game (after a beautiful performance of the national anthem by Spartacapella) as an attacking midfielder, says, “The game was well fought [and] we controlled the game for the first half and part of the second. During the last twenty minutes, South [Albany] pushed back hard.” Riley Mellinger, another starting sophomore, agrees. “We had some trouble finishing, but the chances were there. We will put them away next time.” A goal in the first half put the Sparts in the lead, and the Rebels never recovered. Senior Jacob Brant states that the game “went well; a win is always good, but we’ll have to play better [on Saturday] especially in the second half.” Whipple says that he is “super excited for the game on Saturday; the win [on Wednesday] has got me buzzed to play again.” Stay tuned (subscribe!) to follow our boys through the playoffs. 


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