A Life in a Year

ELENA IRISH For some people, the idea of traveling to another country is a nightmare. For others, it's a dream come true. Hannah Singleton, a senior at Corvallis High School, has belonged to the latter category since the day she got her passport. In the summer of 2016, Singleton got to spend a month in... Continue Reading →

Alternatives to Capitalism: Socialism

JOHN FOLTZ Socialism. A form of government that is criticized so often in the United States, without much information given to the public about its actual values and ideas. The government has been littering the minds of Americans since the Cold War about the dangers of communism. Trust me, I am no Communist. Socialism is... Continue Reading →

Was It All Bad? Looking Back at 2016

AARON LEWIS “2016 was a terrible year”. It’s something you likely heard from your friends, read on the internet, or even saw on television in the past few weeks. As December drew to a close, brewing popular displeasure boiled into full uproar, and many Americans suddenly came to the conclusion that 2016 simply sucked. Angry... Continue Reading →

New On Netflix: January

GRACE KNUTSEN As the holidays have come and gone, and you’ve said goodbye to another year’s worth of family holiday dinners, weekend expeditions to find the perfect Christmas tree, marathon shopping excursions, ugly Christmas sweater parties, and wearisome road trips to visit extended family.  If you’re left wondering how to fill up all your new-found... Continue Reading →

The Bright Side of the Post-Holiday Season

Let’s face it – saying farewell to the holiday season, including everything between Halloween and New Year’s, and coming back to school after winter break, leaves little to anticipate in the new year.  We’ve embraced our alter ego through choice of Halloween costume, survived the annual family gathering at Grandma’s Thanksgiving dinner, decked the halls... Continue Reading →

Spartan Success: The President of Princeton

  KARI GOTTFRIED Corvallis High School has been around since 1910. Even though the original building isn’t standing, tens of thousands of students have passed through the halls of CHS as Spartans. They have gone on to become physicists, football players, teachers, singers, and more. Today we will be focusing on one alumni in particular,... Continue Reading →

Mr. & Ms. Spartan 2017

Photo courtesy of @MrMsspartan1516. This year's contestants & events: Head coordinators: Haley Wilson, Colleen Corrigan, and Hannah Whipple Brad Stein & Laura Moon: Cake Auction Taylor Hurley & Brandon Cruz: Pancake Feed Talyn Carnes & Asha Lacossiere: Talent and Video Night Claire Rondeau & Greg Gambatese: Hoop Jam Ellie Belton & Sam Harris: Candy Grams/Work Days... Continue Reading →


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