The Bright Side of the Post-Holiday Season

Let’s face it – saying farewell to the holiday season, including everything between Halloween and New Year’s, and coming back to school after winter break, leaves little to anticipate in the new year.  We’ve embraced our alter ego through choice of Halloween costume, survived the annual family gathering at Grandma’s Thanksgiving dinner, decked the halls with boughs of holly, delighted in not one but eight day’s worth of presents for Hanukkah, and counted the seconds until the ball dropped in Times Square on New Year’s Eve.  Although the excitement of the holidays is behind us, don’t despair, because we can now enjoy the benefits of a “holiday-less” season.

One big positive to the end of the holiday season is that dinnertime meals no longer consist of creatively prepared leftovers served meal after meal.  Getting through Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Hanukkah means we’re no longer stuck as our family’s guinea pig, taste-testing all the “amazing” Pinterest ideas pulled off the internet to disguise left-overs. In the new holiday-less season of early 2017, we now have the opportunity to look forward to hot, freshly cooked meals straight out of the oven each evening, that have nothing to do with cold heaps of leftover mashed potatoes, cubed ham, or reheated turkey.  Rest assured, that our teenage cravings for sweets won’t be left unaddressed for long, as stores will soon start stocking Valentine’s Day candy to fill the empty shelf space left behind after the holiday season.

Another great thing about leaving the holidays behind – we have a bit of extra money to spend on ourselves for a change.  We no longer have the stress of cruising the mall or browsing Amazon Prime to find the perfect gift which accurately measures our love for our family or for our platonic soulmate (aka our BFF), nor do we have to ensure that this level of love falls within our monetary budget.  Instead, the new year means we can spend our hard-earned money on ourselves, be it treating ourselves to Starbucks, buying that cute new shirt which just happens to be discounted at our favorite store’s post-holiday sale, or buying some new wireless headphones to listen to all the new music we downloaded with the iTunes gift cards we got from Santa.

Lastly, now that the distraction of the holiday season has come to a close and school has resumed, we can focus on all the New Year’s resolutions we made for ourselves that officially went into effect at midnight on January 1st.  Some of the most popular resolutions include organizing our lives, finding ways to stop procrastinating on school papers and class presentations, improving our grades and academic performance, and trying out a new extracurricular activity.

If none of these ideas cure the post-holiday blues or lend to a bit of excitement for the upcoming holiday-less season, don’t fret – there are only nine months until Halloween candy and costumes show up in stores once again, thereby signaling the start of a new holiday season.   

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