Class of 2017: Josephine

In the last few months of senior year I have realized how much I have to be thankful for, what I will be miss most, and what I have taken for granted these last four years.

I am thankful that I joined choir freshman year, and that I have stuck with it ever since. I am thankful for the hours I’ve spent singing and the musical community that has created so many of my most treasured high school memories. I am glad I tried new things, like lacrosse freshman year, and swing dancing, and ice skating.  But most of all I am thankful for my truly wonderful friends; the people who are practically my family, who have watched me grow, and been in my life no matter the circumstances. As graduation grows near and nearer still, my biggest realization is that these are the last weeks I will see the familiar faces of all of my friends, all together. This is the last time that our lives will ever be this connected.

You know how your parents have those distance childhood or high school friends who  occasionally send them holiday cards or gradation announcements, or the months that go by in between visits from your mom’s or dad’s friends? Well folks, that’s adulthood, that is the reality of going our separate ways, and of starting our own lives.  As we anticipate the sweet freedom of going off to college, and bottled up with teenage angst, burst out into the world without thinking to look back, I hope we don’t forget that right now, this period of our lives, though at times it feels  unbearable, is a time to embrace. Don’t dismiss it, reflect on the people that have made it bearable, the friends you will miss, don’t take any of it for granted, learn from it.

Josephine Crofoot, Choir President

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