Class of 2017: Derek

When I first came to CHS, I thought things were going to be a lot different than they really are. As a freshman, I was worried about exactly how everything would work. After a short while, I found that it wasn’t as complicated as I initially thought. I was able to keep myself busy with sports like basketball and tennis, and the schoolwork that I had thought would be extremely grueling turned out to be alright. My freshman year zoomed by, and the next thing I knew I was a sophomore. Then a junior, and finally a senior. My entire high school experience feels like it can be pushed into one big blur of time. It’s not necessarily a bad thing though. To me, high school just seemed like one big expansion of middle school. Sure, the classes were a little bit harder, and the people sure acted a lot differently, but the atmosphere surrounding the school felt the same. CHS has a really good academic, athletic, and social structure. I never felt threatened by anything at any point in high school. CHS feels like a school that sets a good impression on incoming students as to what is expected of them right when they come through the door. The teachers all make their messages clear, and if you can follow instructions, the high school experience will really fly by. All in all, my time at CHS felt like it went by in a rush. Looking back however, I can see many of the cool things that I was able to participate in, and I’m thankful that I got to go to a school of this quality.

Derek Osenga, Tennis Captain

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