Make the Most Out of a Football Game



Above: The Spartans get ready for a home game against the Lava Bears, with the band playing “The Chintimini March”. The cheerleaders prepare for a night of excitement. Students dress in camouflage.

Below: The band plays our fight song again as the Sparts head off the field after a disappointing loss. 

Friday night lights – it isn’t just a football game. It’s the glow of a community experience and a high school tradition, a social high point at Corvallis High School. If you’re wondering how to rock the rhythm and spirit at upcoming CHS football games this season, read on.

Plan a pre-game meal with friends. Rather than grabbing a quick bite on the go, plan an early evening get-together with friends for a pre-game meal, then carpool over to the stadium in time to watch kick-off.  

Wear it proud. The best way to show off Spartan pride is by showing up to the game ready to support CHS. Dress up in Spartan gear and don’t hesitate to go all out, over-the-top. It’s not uncommon to find a sea of blue in the stands – blue tutus, face paint, and team shirts. If there’s been a theme designated, dig deep for some outrageous spirit to support the Spartans. Looking for Spartan gear? Check out the Spartan store, which is normally open at football games and during the holidays. CHS has a vibrant social media presence, too – they have Instagram (@spartan_scoop), Twitter (@SpartanScoop), Snapchat (@spartanscoop), and a reminder text (text @dg3798 to 81010).

Signs, songs, and cheers. Embrace the Spartan pride and create a sense of unity with classmates and community by chanting cheers and singing the school fight song (“The Chintimini March”). Don’t know the words? Check out the banner in the lower gym! Dance to the rhythm of the marching band. Express some artistic flair by making signs doused with glitter and using only the bluest of art supplies. Don’t be bashful – go wild!

Post-game celebration. The night isn’t over when the play clock hits zero. In fact, maybe the night is just beginning. Celebrate the hometown heroes of CHS with friends by going out for a post-game dessert and sharing a sweet treat with friends. Popular places to visit include Yogurt Extreme or Francesco’s Gelato.

No matter how you choose to celebrate your Spartan pride, make the most out of Friday night lights. Let’s go, Sparts!

Games start at 7pm and are located in the Spartan Stadium unless otherwise noted.

9/15 (South Albany), 9/22 (Rivalry@Crescent Valley), 9/29 (Lebanon), 10/12 (Dallas), 10/20 (Glencoe – Homecoming Game), 10/29 (Lebanon)

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