We Are Sparta


We are the Spartans. It’s easy to say, but have you ever wondered why the founders of Corvallis High School decided to choose an ancient Greek warrior as our school mascot? After some lengthy research on the Spartans and the qualities and beliefs of their culture, I can see why the Spartans are the perfect representation of our CHS student body.

Spartans are brave. To the ancient people of Sparta, the greatest virtue of society was bravery. Spartans certainly never backed away from a battle or a challenge, and in fact, countless stories from history explain that they ran headfirst into war. Bravery is a quality to admire both in athletics, academics, and other activities at CHS. Our athletes and club members fearlessly charge into competition the way Spartan soldiers charged into battle – determined to take victory in a way no other team ever has before. In academics, CHS students show bravery by pushing themselves and challenging themselves in the classroom.

Spartans are loyal. Spartans put community before themselves. While this might sound excessive, a softer version of the sentiment embodies what any CHS student should represent. In respect to team sports and group activities, students work better together than individually, because they have commonly shared values. CHS students are loyal to their teammates, fellow club members, theatre members, and band/choir members, and the combined efforts lead to success.

Spartans are the best. The legacy of the Spartans has continued well beyond the confines of their time in ancient history.  They are still known as one of the best societies of their time, and in turn, the Corvallis Spartans are some of the best, too. Our student body has every reason to be proud of our success, both in the classroom and on the sports field, through life in college, as well as in career pursuits.

The Spartan isn’t just a school mascot. It is an idea that embodies the long-standing tradition of bravery, loyalty, and the success of each and every student and faculty member who walks the halls of Corvallis High School.

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