Things to Do in Corvallis


It’s a sunny Saturday in September, and you want to hang out with friends. But what do you do? Walk around downtown…again? See an overpriced movie? Just lie around at home, hoping to think of something fun – and inexpensive – to do? Wait no more, because this is a list of some fun things to do with friends when you aren’t slaving over your homework. [Disclaimer: These opinions were not sponsored or paid for, and are based on experience].


Go for a hike: Corvallis is full of beautiful areas to go on a hike. Some local favorites are Bald Hill, Mary’s Peak, and Chip Ross Park. Expert tip: go at sunset so you can take all of those #instaworthy pics (everyone does).


See a movie at the Darkside: If you want to save money but still see a film, check out the Darkside! This local movie theater in Corvallis, offers an array of interesting movies each week that are slightly off the beaten path. The tickets are fairly inexpensive for students, at $7.75, and only $7 if you go for a matinee or Wednesday show. However, the price rises to $41.50 if you leave “your damn cellphone on”!


Go for coffee, or donuts: Although this is pretty basic, Corvo is home to plenty of coffee shops (like any self-respecting town in the PNW). To support local shops, try The Beanery, Tried & True, Sam’s Station, Susan’s Coffee Bar, Imagine Coffee, or Coffee Culture, to name a few. Insider’s tip: T&T is the most aesthetic, Imagine Coffee has nice vibes and live music, Sam’s Station has a great cinnamon roll, and Susan’s Coffee bar is located inside of Schmidt’s Garden Center. For donuts, try Death by Donutz or Benny’s Donuts.


The Fall Festival: One of the best things to do late this month is attend the Corvallis Fall Festival, an annual of the arts! It takes place around Central Park from 10am-6pm on Saturday, September 23rd, and 10am-5pm on Sunday, September 24th. If the arts aren’t your vibe, there’s also a 1k/5k/10k race on Sunday morning!


Explore the Saturday market: The Saturday market, which runs through November, is located by the riverfront and is always bustling with young performers, fresh produce, and various goods for sale. It’s a great place to just wander around, as well as support local farmers!


Volunteer: One of the best ways to spend your time is helping others. Volunteering is even more fun when you can do it with your friends. It’s easy to find places to volunteer! First, start off with clubs at CHS. Key Club, Interact Club, and Z Club are all clubs that have a plethora of volunteer opportunities at any given time. If there aren’t any that work out, you can help the school out by volunteering at concessions for a football (contact the Athletics office). You can also seek out particular organizations: places like Vina Moses, Stone Soup, and CARDV are always looking for help.


Bake cookies for friends: This is twice as rewarding, because all of your friends are sure to appreciate it! Grab a friend or two and divvy up houses, or supplies, or whatever, and bake cookies or some other treat for the rest of your friends. Expert tip: If you have extras, your teachers will totally appreciate it (it’s the least you can do to show your appreciation – and get on their good side early!). P.S. If anyone does this and has a few extras, the High-O-Scope staff wouldn’t mind a bite… Hint, hint.

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