The Ten Spartan Commandments



Number one, don’t flaunt your daddy’s wealth,

it’s really not good for your social health.

Number two, realize it takes just as much time for cheating

as it does for you to do a little studying.

Number three, know who your real friends are,

for this, I suggest a high bar.

Number four, you don’t got to be a surgeon to realize

you shouldn’t ever cross a librarian.

Number five, don’t sell drugs just to make a buck,

sooner than later you’ll be saying something that rhymes with, “Oh Puck”

Number six, don’t buy lunch every day,

too much cash for you to pay.

Number seven, this rule not just for beginners,

everyone should keep a planner.

Cause when that work is late,

an “A” is what your grade ain’t.

Number eight, don’t come to class high, trust me,

your grades will go by the wayside.

Number nine, help your classmates out with homework,

you don’t know when you’ll need that same perk.

Number ten, enjoy your time,

don’t think of it as a nine to five,

cause at the end of the day you only got four,

then they show you the door.


Jacob Brant is a former CHS student (class of 2017). In his extremely successful time at CHS, he played on the varsity soccer team and finished his time in Corvallis as the team captain. He is currently in his first year at the XXX in Utah.


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