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Are you a student looking to get more involved at Corvallis High School this year? If so, you’re in luck because CHS is home to a variety of clubs that speak to all interests. Clubs are an ideal way to meet new people who share common passions with you. If you are having trouble deciding which club to join, take our quiz for a step in the right direction.

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Art Clubs

Based on the results of the quiz, you should look into the various art-focused clubs at CHS. Whether your talent lies with drawing, painting, anime, or just plain old doodling, CHS has a club for you! A popular group that may appeal to you is Art Club. The club tells us that they “work with clubs within the school [and] organizations outside of the school to help add art to Corvallis.” Recently, the group painted the newspaper boxes that you can find around the school housing monthly issues of the High-O-Scope. If projects such as this one sound like your niche, give Art Club a try!If you’re looking for a club that is more specific to a certain genre of art, look into one of the following groups:

Scribblers Club

Anime/Manga Club

Love is the Key Club (see Community Service Clubs)

Hobbies/Sports Clubs

Whether you already have recognized your passion or are still searching for that specialty, we recommend that you check out Corvallis High’s wide array of hobbies/sports clubs! Do you love the world of theater or are simply looking for a place to learn more about yourself and meet new people? You should look into one of CHS’s largest clubs, Drama Club! CHS is known for producing many successful thespians, and almost every legacy began with this club. You don’t have to already be involved in theater- in fact, Drama Club can introduce anyone into the world of theater and most often will spark a new passion. As co-president Elly Wolfe put it “Drama Club is a place where I am able to be myself. Freshman year, when I dropped by a meeting with a friend, I had no idea what to expect. But I was instantly welcomed into the incredible thespian family at CHS. In the theater, I have found a place I can truly be myself!” Drama Club can help one learn how to be more comfortable around large groups while forming new friendships and creating amazing opportunities. With this in mind, if you’re looking for a place to explore the world of theater and express yourself, check out Drama Club in Corvallis High’s black box theater.

Look into the hobbies/sports clubs listed below as well to meet new people with the same interests as you:

Ping-Pong Club

Garden Club

Chess Club

Surf Club

Pride/ Community Clubs

You should try one or more of the multiple pride/community-based clubs at CHS! These clubs help provide a voice to those that may not have one, while also raising awareness for the respective communities. A well-liked club at CHS is Equality Club. They aim to celebrate diversity and work towards equality at our high school and within our community. The group made the statement that “We’re a club that’s simply trying to better our school, and community through small acts of equality”. Recently, Equality club’s most successful project was their feminine products drive, which provided free products to CHS students all year. If projects like these that help bring balance to our school sound interesting to you, look into Equality Club!

Do you want to educate yourself or others about the LGBTQ+ community? You should look into joining QSA Club! QSA stands for Queer Straight Alliance. Club leader Kari Smith stated, “QSA is a club where anyone no matter what their sexuality or gender expression can come and learn about the LGTBQ+ community as well as help CHS spread awareness.” The QSA club is a safe and respectful place for anyone and everyone, as well as a great opportunity to help meet new people and get involved with the school community.

Club Latino is one of the largest and most involved clubs when it comes to giving a voice to students at CHS that feel underrepresented. As said by one of the club coordinators, “[Club Latino] is a place where students feel comfortable enough to express themselves. It’s where we are no longer in the shadows, we want to promote diversity ms acceptance in our school and the community.” Anyone is welcome to be a part of this club no matter their background. If this group sounds like an atmosphere you’d love to be a part of, give Club Latino a try!

Z Club is a group high schoolers that work to protect and stand up for women’s rights. As co-leader Brianna Brady explains, “Z Club is a high school branch of Zonta International, which advocates for the right of women around the world.” Because CHS Z Club is so involved with Zonta International and other women’s rights programs within the community, club members are exposed to many volunteer opportunities.

Academic Clubs

If educational extracurriculars speak to you, try one of Corvallis High’s academic clubs. Are you interested in government, current events, and international relations? Join Model United Nations! Throughout the year, the group learns how the United Nations runs, while gaining speech and debate skills, persuasion tools, and knowledge of cultural affairs. In the Spring, club members from around the state head down to University of Oregon to act as delegates for a given country in the Oregon MUN Conference.

Do you love to write? Is journalism a career you’d like to pursue? If the answer to either of these questions is yes, join Journalism Club! Each month, the group publishes an issue of the High-O-Scope, CHS’s official newspaper. Staff members develop skills including interpersonal communication, time management, and of course, drafting articles, all the while creating the newspaper that students around campus read every month.

Community Service Clubs

There are a handful of clubs at CHS that focus on volunteering around the community. Some groups are large, with participation numbers reaching the 50s, and others are made up of a just a few students dedicated to serving the community. Nonetheless, these clubs are composed of teens like you who want to better the area.

One of the largest organized clubs at CHS, Key Club is made up of fifty-some students. The club works through Kiwanis International as a way to expose students to volunteer opportunities in the community. As put by Vice President Ava Minu-Sepehr, “Through the club students can get volunteer hours, aid the community in many different ways, and meet others.” The club is open to anyone wishing to join. “It is incredibly rewarding and special to work alongside others in the Key Club,” Minu-Sepehr continues, “everyone is truly very kind.”

For a more project-specific group, try UNICEF Club! The group works through UNICEF USA to raise funds and awareness for children in need around the world. Senior and president of the group Rose Martines explains, “We are a group of passionate students who come to the meetings every week eager to learn ourselves, educate our classmates and help raise funds”. UNICEF Club was very successful last year with their “Trick-or-Treat for Unicef” project, and hope to continue making progress in future years. “This next year we will be doing more direct work,” Martines tells us, “working relationships with UNICEF in other countries and sending smaller organizations supplies as to be able to see their direct impact”.

Love is the Key Club is a group of students committed to spreading positivity throughout the school environment. Cofounder Anna Kern explains, “Our club focuses on spreading love and kindness throughout our school and our community through small acts and gestures, usually incorporating art”. If promoting positivity is your passion, stop by one of Love is the Key Club’s weekly meetings!

For additional volunteer club opportunities, get involved with one of the following:

Green Club

Interact Club

Z Club (see pride/community column)

Comment below and tell us what clubs you’re a part of!
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