A Letter to the President


To President Donald Trump and residents of the United States—

It was November 8, 2016. The eyes of millions of American citizens were glued to their television screens as they watched the polls clock in, determining the next US President. Democrats across the nation began to lose hope as state after state was declared red, turning the tables into the favor of you and the republican party. The hours seemed to drag on until finally it was announced that you, Mr. Trump, would be inaugurated as the 45th president of the United States.

Admittedly, there were tears of joy and relief from your supporters, but more prominently and more demanding were the cries of protest of the fearful citizens worried about where your presidency would lead. Taking into consideration your background, including the Access Hollywood Tape and the corruptive business models, it is easy to sympathize with these worries. One year later, and I’m sorry to inform you that many of our disapproving opinions have not been put at ease.

Two months after the election, national polls showed that 45.5% of the American population approved of you as president while 41.3% were of the opposing stance. As the months crept by, tweet after tweet made by @therealdonaldtrump altered the views of many. As of October 2017, you had the support of only 37.7% of the nation. This change of statistics has been fueled by your ignorant, uninformed statements over the past year, as well as the little-to-detrimental progress made by the White House.
I speak for the majority when I say that tweeting your presidential decisions before informing the White House is not respectable. You, being the man with the most political power in the nation, should not be concerned with memes of yourself, or NFL football players, or the light-hearted jokes made towards you by fellow celebrities. You, Mr. Trump, need to address real world issues such as the devastation in Puerto Rico (which is as much a part of the United States as Florida or Texas). You need to face the fact that an innocent 32-year-old woman named Heather Heyer was murdered in Charlottesville, VA as a result of violence that you set as a societal standard. Please focus on the controversies that concern the safety, security, and voices of Americans. Please don’t tweet about “covfefe” while North Korea targets their missiles at our country.

Let me be the one to inform you that women are not your possessions. It is not acceptable for anyone, even a “star” like you, to sexually harass women and make harmful comments towards us. Calling women “fat”, “ugly”, “pig”,  “dog”, “unattractive”, “disgusting”, etc. is rude and disrespectful to an entire gender. It is inappropriate for anyone, let alone the president of the United states, to rate women based on their looks and shame those who are on the bottom of the list. Making sexual comments towards young girls as well as your own daughter is creepy and should not be tolerated.

By making sexist, homophobic, racist, and overall prejudiced remarks on a daily basis, you as the US President are setting an unjust social norm for citizens. In only January of this year, 79% of 13-18 year old victims of bullying said that harassment and hate messages occurred more frequently than before the election. These are the young adults of my country, of your country, who are being hurt by their peers as a result of your actions. People across the nation, primarily white, privileged men such as yourself, have come out as nazis, white supremacists, and racists. Riots such as the Charlottesville protest left innocent people injured at the expense of human violence. In the midst of this chaos, you, Mr. Trump, have done nothing to set the nation right. Of the Charlottesville incident, you said “ [It was an] egregious display of hatred, bigotry, and violence on many sides. On many sides.” This ignorant comment was accusational of the peaceful protesters that bravely stood up for their rights when faced with discrimination.

Mr. Trump, it has been a year since the election and there are three more until the next. If you desire to achieve the respect of America, I suggest that you learn how to act presidential and take care of political matters in a mature, cultivated manner.

Thank you for your time and attention,

Journey Lipscomb

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