Studio Fitness – A Non-Traditional Choice for PE


For some students, their motivation for movement comes from sports such as soccer, basketball, or football, but for others, that’s not the case. Cindy Appanaitis, a health, weight lifting, and only studio fitness teacher at CHS, says that she thinks it’s important for students to have this option for a PE class because, “We realized that for some kids that’s definitely their interest and their niche, and the sports fitness class isn’t necessarily their joyful movement, and being that there’s only 2 times of required fitness class, we would rather kids connect positively with their joyful movement in both of those opportunities.” This course is designed to let students do their physical activity in a non-competitive environment and explore dancing, yoga, studio lifting, and various group games. Dana Harrington, a freshman, says, “My favorite part of this class is how fun it is and that it involves all different types of rotations in what and how we’re being active each week!” Several other students have voiced similar opinions in that they enjoy the uniqueness of it and the different movements that they get to explore. For many, it’s a good time to key into what they are feeling and what they personally need. Ava Ponder, taking the class 1st period, says, “I enjoy Mrs. Appanaitis and her goofy sense of humor and I always look forward [to] waking up and going to this amazing class.” She says it makes her feel powerful and she enjoys the full body health aspect involved in it. Emi Cruz, also a freshman, says he took this class instead of sports because he wanted “ to be different than the norms.” Although most people who take this class take it because they dislike parts of the traditional sports fitness, there are people who take it to be different and try something new, like Cruz. Don’t let your dancing skills or flexibility stop you from signing up for this course…there’s something in it for everyone, and you’re guaranteed to have a great time while getting a good workout!

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