Hoop season is upon us, and here at Corvallis High School that means business. The Spartans are known for making an impact both in league and in state when it comes to basketball. However, this upcoming season will have many new names on the roster – with both teams transformed by the losses of last year’s seniors. The boys’ team graduated 10 seniors and the girls lost 4 seniors as well, providing an opportunity for new players to make an impact.

Sophomore newcomer Sebbie Law states, “I’m looking forward to being able to play at a higher level this year and gain more experience.” When asked about his thoughts on the his varsity team, Law explained, “We are a fairly short team when it comes to height but I think we work hard and really have a chance to compete against other teams.”  In a fast-paced, constantly moving sport like this hard work can make all the difference.

On the other hand the girls finished their season last year with a  fourth straight state appearance and a fifth place finish in the tournament. When varsity returner Ellie Harding was asked her thoughts on the team heading into this upcoming season, she stated, “We have an amazing opportunity to come together as a team and have a successful season with a lot of young and upcoming players”.

No one knows how their year will go, but one thing is for sure: as Corvallis High students, we can help by supporting them all season long. Winter has come and with it follows the long awaited and anticipated basketball season, so as the student body, let’s help the Spartans make it one of the best years yet.


12/5 (Marist) 12/12 (Springfield) 12/15 (Eagle Point) 12/29 (Churchill) 1/09 (Dallas) 1/16 (Crescent Valley) 1/23 (Lebanon) 1/26 (Woodburn) 2/06 (Silverton) 2/09 (@Crescent Valley) 2/13 (Central) 2/23 (South Albany)


12/08 (Roseburg) 12/19(Canby) 12/21 (Putnam) 1/12 (Silverton) 1/16 (@5:45 Crescent Valley) 1/19 (Central) 2/02 (Dallas) 2/09 (@5:45 @Crescent Valley) 2/16 (Lebanon) 2/20 (Woodburn)

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