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“The most cardio intense sport…according to our coach”, says Evan Howe. You  may assume this is regarding track, or cross country, maybe even soccer, but you would be wrong. Howe, a senior, is a member of the Nordic Ski Team. Countless students at the high school know next to nothing about the sport. The stories of the athletes and their season go mainly untold. The majority of the skiers on the team are also involved in either cross country, track or both, and consider cross country skiing as a great way to improve over the off season. Even though the workout is considerable, Howe also says “[The team] is pretty casual.” He mentioned that the long commute to snow, the small team, and the laidback off season atmosphere do not make the best combination for winning, but Howe says that skiing for the Sparts is still outstanding. The drive from the high school to Mount Hoodoo is around two hours, and even further is Mount Bachelor 3 hours away. That is a long way to go for only a few hours of skiing. Howe says that during the week they go on runs and when the skiers finally make it up to the mountain the day consists of “skiing for a few hours, eating lunch, skiing for a few more hours.” The untold stories of the Nordic ski team came to light when Howe was asked if there was any interesting stories about the team. He made it clear that he was not actually there for this event, but heard stories of a year where the team had to sleep in a barn for the state race. Raymond Ingersoll, a sophomore, says that one of his favorite memories was during a Thursday night meet. He says that the fun part was not before or during the race, but after, “The lights got shut off, and the whole team hiked up the hill to ski off huge jumps made for downhill skiers.” Although not many students at Corvallis High know the ins and outs of the Nordic Ski team, Howe definitely recommends considering joining the team, and made sure to mention the constant fun the skiers have.


“We train by running, so that helps.”

“The most cardio intense sport according to our coach.”

“I like it because it’s outdoors, there’s good views, it’s out in nature in the mountains, it’s awesome.”

“The team is pretty small.”

“You can get to know each other pretty well.”

“It’s pretty casual.”

“Sometimes the team can be too small.”

“It takes a lot of time.”

“We go up to the mountain almost every saturday.”

“It [driving far] makes us closer.”

“We get stuck in long car rides together.”

“There’s not much time to do anything else.”

“Everyone’s pretty laid back.”

“The team had to stay in a barn overnight for state.”

“Ski for a few hours, eat lunch, ski for a few more hours.”

“We have races every couple weeks.”

“Sometimes there’s a mass start which is chaos.”

“People fall over, then get skied over.”


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