Robin Hood (to the Music of Prince)


The purple lights flood the stage and the Prince music comes alive, starting the show. Tall, green trees and a light haze set the scene as the Merry Men, Robin Hood’s followers, appear, scattered around in groups, playing card games and Mad Libs. Alan A’dale (Aidan Evans) performs the first out of several dance numbers and lip synced songs, “Baby I’m a Star”. In the next scene, Marian, eventually Robin Hood’s love interest, takes the stage wearing an elegant, sparkling blue cape that gives off a Prince era vibe, with her dress showing more of the 15th century classic Robin Hood attire. Keeping with the cross century costumes, the Fan Girls are wearing bright pinks, blues, yellows and greens as they get ready for their dance number with Prince (Chris Smith). Fog and bright moving lights shine across the audience, sending out a sort of rock concert feeling during the dancing and set transitions from forest to castle and castle to forest. The modern aspects that they bring to the show are cleverly placed and executed well. References to the 21st century and things that haven’t been invented yet are some memorable details included in the play. The theater is filled with laughs from all ages, especially when the Constable (Ella Rose) and the Prince speak their hilarious lines, and the audience expresses their love for the show during the final dance scene and curtain call by exploding into applause. As Laura Beck-Ard says in the Director’s Note of the program, “We are proud of the strides they have made as they work to become the stars of tomorrow.” These students have spent hours on hours working to perfect their performances, so if you missed Robin Hood or were blown away by this production, it’s not too late to see another amazing show. This year’s musical, “West Side Story”, is showing from February 22nd to March 11th, which is sure to be yet another outstanding theatrical work, so make sure to get your tickets before they sell out this spring!


Photos courtesy of Mark Hoffman

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