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While swimming is usually associated with warm summer days, the actual high school season kicks off when the temperature drops. Winter is the time when everyone heads indoors, and for these athletes, it’s time to get back into the pool. Spartan swim team is known for having some of the top swimmers in the state, and this year looks like it will be the same. With many talented upcoming underclassmen and returning stand out seniors, the Spartans are looking to make a big impact. Although the team was a big success last year sending four people to state and six additional athletes for relay races senior Aidan Smit thinks the team is even better this year. He adds, “Spartan swim team this year is much stronger than last year. We have more people joining who are already great club swimmers, and a lot of mid-level upperclassmen swimmers have improved drastically from last year.” The contributions from all ages will make a big difference in how the team competes this season. The improvements made from season to season are not easily achieved; they are worked for day in and day out. Swimming is one of, if not the most, body intensive sport that you can participate in. This sport builds endurance, muscle strength, and cardiovascular fitness all while using nearly every muscle in your body. A draining sport, yet year after year many come back for more — jovial to return to the pool.

Indeed, swim team serves as a great opportunity to get a full-body workout. But swim at Corvallis High School it is much bigger than that. Freshman Anna Edwards remarks, “Swimming for CHS has allowed me to become friends with upperclassmen that I wouldn’t have met otherwise.” CHS is known for being inclusive and accepting to anyone and everyone, and the Spartan swim team is no different. Swimming is one of the few no cut sports at CHS, along with wrestling, track, and cross country. Therefore, swim team brings in students from all walks of life that normally might not interact. . Edwards also adds, “CHS swimming is very inclusive. I love that anyone has the opportunity to join if they are willing to put in the work!” The Spartans swim team is the only team that includes athletes with special needs, giving them the a great opportunity to positively interact with their peers and get involved with athletics. Although many consider swim an individual sport, every person plays a part in how the team does as a whole. The Corvallis High School swim team is well recognized, all-inclusive, and a stand out group to pay attention to in the 2018 season.

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