Meet Carson Lommers!



Meet Carson Lommers. She is a freshman here at CHS, and she has a story. You may have seen her around the halls, specifically the music hall, with her playful hair and matching demeanor. She has been dyeing her hair periodically since the third grade and doesn’t plan on changing that anytime soon. Over the years, she has dyed it purple, mint green, blue, and pink. Currently, her hair is a mix of purple and blue. She thinks that “it’s a really nice way to show [one’s] personality”, and that her natural blonde hair is boring.

On the topic of color, anyone that knows Carson will know she has a deep adoration for it. It’s almost as if whatever room she enters fills with color. She feels that Corvallis High could be made better with more vibrancy. All of her notes are decorated and neatly color-coded with highlighters. She often decorates her pages with intricate patterns and drawings.

As Lommers finishes her first semester of high school, she has found that her favorite part so far has been band. This is because she feels band provides a great community and instant friends for people. In fact, Lommers extends this feeling of community to the entire school: “If you don’t have somewhere to go, go to the band room. I’m inviting everyone. Just hit me up.” Lommers has been playing the flute in school band since sixth grade.

As freshman, students often have to adjust to a completely new environment with new teachers and new expectations. Lommers definitely approves of this, stating, “High school is better than middle school, duh. They always prepared you in middle school, but [high school] turned out to be completely different”. During her middle school years, she attended Linus Pauling and was a member of the WEB (where everybody belongs) program. She actively participated and created an LGBTQ+ Committee for the school. She said that it was one of her favorite memories from the time, remembering, “It was the first of its kind. We were like trailblazers”.

Lommers, like most of us, knows the world isn’t perfect. But what frustrates her the most is “people not following the three kindergarten rules. Y’know, being safe, respectful, and responsible”. She feels that a lot of leaders around the world didn’t even follow these rules. When she grows older, Carson dreams of being a politician. She wants to work her way up from local politics all the way to the presidency. She hopes to be remembered for changing any bad thing in the world into something good.


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