Winter Formal


Who wants to be in a room with a bunch of sweaty high school students listening to music you got sick of a month ago? Interestingly enough, lots of people. Every year CHS students put on fancy dresses and nice shirts to go sweat it out with a bunch of people they hate. It may sound pessimistic but these are the thoughts running through many Spartan students minds. One of these students, Naomi Nembhard, a junior at Corvallis says that she did not go to Winter Formal because being voluntarily at school does not sound like time well spent. She says, “It’s not that I hate dances; they can be fun sometimes.” Nembhard goes on to say that she will probably attend prom, but she can only tolerate one dance per year. “I just personally can’t justify doing something that mentally exhausting multiple times a year,” she says.  

Even though Naomi Nembhard is an avid hater of school dances, her sister Charlotte Nembhard, a sophomore has a different opinion. Charlotte says she enjoys going to school dances because it is a fun night she gets to spend with her friends. She mentions on the night of winter formal her friends and her, “get ready together and dance around like idiots while listening to music.” For most Spartans this is the case, many say getting ready for the dance is more fun than the dance itself. “I don’t really take it seriously,” says Charlotte, going on to say that the dances are usually not too big but having your friends there makes it “a million times better.” Dances are a traditional American high school experience, but not everyone enjoys them. What do you think about them? Reach out to us at and give us your opinion.  


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