The Most Difficult Classes at CHS


Whether you are an incoming freshman or a graduating senior everybody has an opinion on what are the hardest classes here at Corvallis High School. For an upperclassman the wide array of advanced AP classes is the most difficult courses they have endured. Whereas for the freshman attempting to survive their first year of high school, a level one language class can be the something beyond difficult to adapt to. Now, when discussing the most difficult classes at CHS it can engender much debate as many students interpret “difficult” in different ways. But when interviewing students from each grade we were able to see how they think about different courses whether it may be intellectually exhausting or time consuming.

Freshman: Phoebe Schneider

Freshman student Phoebe Schneider stated, “Biophysical Foundations with Mrs. Hayes has been the most difficult class to immerse myself in and pay attention, as well as finding the desires to be engaged and interested…there are so many memorizing and confusing vocabulary terms.” Phoebe also made the comment that “science has always been challenging [for her]” and for many students making the transition to high school can be especially difficult with classes becoming harder and harder. This causes many students to change their studying methods, so as you transition to high school some of your least favorite subjects may add even more extra stress. BPF is an entry level course for a number of freshman and many students would say this course full of fundamentals of biology, human anatomy, chemistry and physics is the most difficult.

Sophomore: John Foltz

Sophomore student John Foltz talks about his most difficult class, “Pre-Calculus because it’s very mentally demanding and there is a lot of work.” Pre-Calculus has one of the widest array of concepts covered in one course. Topics ranging from analytical geometry to trigonometric functions and graphs, polar equations, parametric equations, vectors and determinants, and sequences and series. Pre-Calculus is one of the classes here at Corvallis High School that has an LBCC credit option and is NCAA approved — two great opportunities when wanting to get a head start on college credits. This challenging class is an excellent example of a rigorous class that you can take if math is your thing and you want a challenging course to balance out your schedule.

Junior: Katie Sinclair

Junior Katie Sinclair made the comment without a doubt, “APUSH, there’s always something to do, and a lot of information to know.” APUSH is well-known throughout the school as one of the hardest classes that juniors take. This course emphasizes concepts taught at the college level and gives the opportunity to students to take the national AP exam, and with a sufficient score they can earn college credit. AP U.S. History is strongly recommended to be taken in parallel with Honors American Literature — two very difficult classes that demand the need for constant knowledge and heaps of work.

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