Mr. & Ms. Spartan – The Events

Emily: My event was pancake feed, it is a pancake buffet style breakfast that people but tickets to. It was Saturday January 13 from 7-11. To prepare We had to reach out to grocery stores to set up donation tables for the food supplies. We got tickets printed. We reached out to dutch brothers to have them donate coffee. We also reached out to the gazette times and a local radio show to promote the event to the community. As far as school goes we set up from the end of school the day before, setting up griddles, tables, etc. For the rest of the program we had them sell a minimum of 7 tickets a person (more was of course encouraged:)), we had them put up posters around schools and town, they were the ones working the donation tables(either my partner or I helped them for set up and tear down) then they had to come to set up and the event itself. What I learned from this event is that you can’t do anything by yourself and it’s okay to lean on people and delegated is really good and one of the most important parts of running an event. Also having a partner in {charity} is the best! 😉


-the Spartan Pageant is our final event, where we showcase the hard work of the program and reveal how much money we raised! All participants dance and do skits, our charities talk about what the money will be used for, and we do a check reveal with the final total of what we raised! -the official Pageant is Saturday April 21st at 7pm, and tickets will be sold for $15. We have a rehearsal that we will sell tickets for on Friday the 20th (also at 7pm), for $8 ahead of time (we only showcase the check in our official Pageant, which is the main difference) -to get tickets, you can contact any Spartan participant (including the head coordinators and treasurers), or email (1/2)

-Thus far organizing the event has consisted of designing and ordering the tickets and posters, but the whole program has been preparing for about two months. Everyone in the program is in at least one of our dances, which you can see at Pageant! -as there hasn’t been much to plan yet, there hasn’t been a lot learned. I would say the biggest thing I’ve learned so far is that there’s a lot of effort to be put into getting ready. The whole program has been working hard and we hope everyone enjoys the show (2/2)

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