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Lacrosse is the fastest growing sport in the United States, and its popularity is no exception here at Corvallis High School for many student athletes. Lacrosse is a unique combination of grace, teamwork, speed, agility, skill, and historical significance. Lacrosse began as teams of 100 to 1,000 people squaring off in a symbolic war, and that definitely does not sound like a modern day sport. However, lacrosse, as played by its inventors, the Native Americans, was played in this way.  Although lacrosse today may lack the symbolism and size of ancient lacrosse, both are uniquely similar in that they both require physically tough and strong individuals to play.

Both men and women play lacrosse, and although there are different rules, the sport is played at over 600 colleges and 2,000 high schools nationwide. At CHS lacrosse is titled a club sport. Meaning that although they play at the varsity level they are not funded by the school, play in a league of their own, and are a combination of CV and CHS athletes. Their league consisting of a variety of teams across the state which is a part of the OHSLA (Oregon High School Lacrosse Association). Regardless a sport all on its own, many athletes are realizing lacrosse is for them.

Sophomore Daniela Dursch-Smith states, “Lacrosse is so different from any type of other sport I’ve played because it has so many different aspects to it. You can go behind the goal unlike most any other sport at the high school level.” Being able to go behind the goal isn’t the only aspect of the game that makes lacrosse original. Players use a lacrosse ball and lacrosse stick; the head of the stick being used to pass, carry, catch, and shoot the ball into the goal. The sport also has four different versions— with different sticks, rules, equipment and fields. Although the fundamentals are vastly different from any other sports, the atmosphere plays a big role as well. Junior Hayden Smith adds when talking about the season so far, “Practices are fun and the coaches and players are always working together to keep light hearted. Lacrosse is fast paced and competitive but unlike many other sports players work to keep the games up-beat and enjoyable.” This is key to making lacrosse the sport it is today. So why not check the schedule and experience the fastest two sport on feet with some Corvallis lacrosse.


4/5—@ McNary

4/7—vs. Grant

4/13—vs. South Salem

4/16—vs. Roseburg

4/20—@ Crescent Valley

4/23—vs. McNary

4/26—@ West Albany

4/28—vs. Churchill



4/3—vs. West Albany

4/6—@ Cleveland

4/7—vs. Sisters

4/10—vs. South Salem

4/12—@ West Salem

4/17—@ West Albany

4/20—vs. McNary

4/27—@ Thurston

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