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See The Voices is a student run platform with the goal of using multimedia to connect students and community members in order to encourage a more accepting and equal community not only at school, but within the town. On our website, you can read from or respond to a variety of anonymous forums. We have also began partnering with local organizations such as the NAACP and CDDC as part of our community outreach mission. See The Voices is an opportunity for students to put their feelings and opinions out into the world without judgment, and with this we hope to give students a way to get out what they may have not been able to say before.


Anonymous Blog Post Excerpt:

He didn’t ask if it was okay to touch me, he just did. my body reacted in the only way it knew how by breaking out into goosebumps and he took that as a sign that I liked it, that I liked being cold, that I liked feeling the ice on his fingertips. but I was too hesitant to to speak up because how do you say no to something when a question was never presented to you?…”

Community Outreach Excerpt: CDDC

“Sarah and her eight year old daughter, Nika, were born in Minnesota. Last winter they and Sarah’s husband moved from Minnesota to Corvallis to stay with one of her six daughters. “After about a month, things didn’t work out”, she told us. The people they were staying with were heavy drinkers who leeched all her money…”

Daily Funk Question Excerpt:

What weapon would you choose in a battle with a giant squid?

  • I wouldn’t fight a squid because animals are beautiful lives too and it deserves to live just as much as I do
  • Grappling hook
  • A Whale on a stick
  • Tactical Nuke on a big rail

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