My Personal 15 Favorite Albums  

Forrest Irvine


“To Pimp a Butterfly”- Kendrick Lamar

Political rap at its most devastating.

Fave song: “I”, Underrated: “Mortal Man”

“My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy”- Kanye West

Elevated Kanye from rapper to rockstar with cinematic force.

Fave song: “Power”, Underrated: “Lost in the World”

“The Joshua Tree”- U2

Redefined rock by taking from unconventional genres.

Fave song: “With or Without You”, Underrated: “Bullet the Blue Sky”

“American Idiot”- Green Day

An encapsulation of post-9/11 America through the eyes of youth.

Fave song: “Boulevard of Broken Dreams”, Underrated: “Letterbomb”

“The Marshall Mathers LP”- Eminem

Ignited an American debate on free speech.

Fave song: “Stan”, Underrated: “Who Knew”

“The 20/20 Experience- The Complete Experience”- Justin Timberlake

Has captivating progressive pop and rock throwbacks.

Fave song: “Mirrors”, Underrated: “Only When I Walk Away”

“The White Album”- The Beatles

An rich staple of 1960’s British Invasion.

Fave song: “While My Guitar Gently Weeps”, Underrated: “Happiness is a Warm Gun”

“Achtung Baby”- U2

Overhauls “The Joshua Tree”’s sound.

Fave song: “One”, Underrated: “The Fly”

“Hunky Dory”- David Bowie

Essentially a medley of musical theatre and art rock.

Fave song: “Life on Mars?”, Underrated: “Life on Mars?”

“Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends”- Coldplay

An atmospheric, memorable blend of old and new. Eminently nostalgic.

Fave song: “Viva la Vida”, Underrated: “Death and All His Friends”

“The College Dropout”- Kanye West

Tackles religion and higher education with R&B and soul sample perfection.

Fave song: “Jesus Walks”, Underrated: “Two Words”

“A Night at the Opera”- Queen

Brought progressive rock into the mainstream.

Fave song: “Bohemian Rhapsody”, Underrated: “‘39”

“How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb”- U2

Anthemic to a fault. Enough said.

Fave song: “City of Blinding Lights”, Underrated: “All Because of You”

“Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band”- The Beatles

The first rock album to win the Album of the Year Grammy in 1968.

Fave song: “(title track)”, Underrated: “A Day in the Life”

“Thriller”- Michael Jackson

The King of Pop’s biggest mark on pop culture through music video and radio dominance.

Fave song: “Beat It”, Underrated: (nothing really is)

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