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Many reflect on the years they spent in high school as some of the best and worst years of their lives. As you enter high school, it might be a little stressful. After all, this isn’t like middle school at all. Here are five tips for incoming freshman, because becoming a high schooler can be a big change.

Choose classes that interest you

One great thing about high school is that you have more options in picking what classes you want to take. If you choose classes you are more interested in, most likely you will pay more attention and get a better grade. Also, it will help later on down the road when you’re planning for college. Most colleges have certain requirements about the number of credits you take in each subject, and high school classes can even get you out of college classes. Many colleges take the credit you earn from AP or College Now classes, which means saving yourself from having to take those classes in college.  

Get involved

Whether it be playing football, marching in band, or cheering on our Sparts, getting involved in what’s going on at CHS is a great way to meet new people. There are so many sports and activities you can be a part of at Corvallis High, so why not try as many as you want? There are clubs for everyone that you can go to any day of the week. As a freshman, you have the chance to try lots of different things before settling down on what you’re really interested in.There are a lot more activities than middle school so it can be overwhelming, but don’t worry — after looking at everything you can find the right number of activities to get involved in.

Being a freshman sucks

As a freshman you are back at the bottom of the pack. The seniors have been in high school for three years already so they run the school — when (and if) they show up. Freshman show up at CHS every year having heard tons of crazy stories about getting “creeked” (thrown in Dixon Creek) for sitting on the senior steps or doing something to get the upperclassmen mad. But really, seniors are too busy worrying about college applications, juniors are too stressed with their heavy load of AP classes, and sophomores are just glad they aren’t freshmen anymore. In the end, the age difference isn’t noticeable at all if you recognize that you’re in high school now and just act like yourself. Believe me, the time will fly by and you’ll be a senior in no time!

Focus on school

Before you know it you’ll be a senior applying to colleges, so to make it easier on yourself down the road, focus on school now. It’s important to realize that high school “actually matters”, in terms of your academic and behavioral records. In high school, everything can affect your future but…

Don’t forget to have fun

High school is only four years so make it count. Make great memories with your friends after school and on the weekends and try to stay out of drama. High school is great and you will remember it forever, so have fun and good luck!

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