Spartans at the Benton County Fair


Nothing can beat summer boredom quite like indulging yourself at the Benton County Fair. A hotspot for Spartans, trying all it has to offer provides teens with a great conclusion to what may have been an otherwise dull summer. No matter what you like, the fair has something for you; whether you’re an adrenaline junkie or a fair food connoisseur, the county fair is diverse enough to give you new experiences for years to come.

Everyone has a favorite ride at the fair. Ranging from simple amusement to exhilarating thrills, the rides section is quite the sight. Many CHS students feel that the Zipper is the best ride, subjecting themselves to its vicious spinning for hours on end. One survivor of its torment, Claire Dupuy, recalled that it was her favorite “just because of how many directions you go and the amount of screaming”. On the other end of the spectrum, many students prefer the more gentle Ferris wheel. According to Ari Knight, a senior at CHS, “you can’t go wrong with it. It’s a classic”.

Have you ever heard of deep fried Kool-Aid? Consider your innocence a gift if you haven’t. This artery-clogging delicacy is one of many offered at the annual Benton County Fair. Unlike the rides, it’s safe to say that all fair food is pretty extreme. A very common favorite of CHS students is the yakisoba stand. According to one student, the booth has “great food for great prices”. Another classic is the elephant ear, which is wonderful for sharing with friends (or hoarding for yourself). Some students also felt that the lemon-shaped stand is a hidden gem at the fair, providing patrons with delicious lemonade at a cheap price.

Even if you and your friends disagree on what the best food or ride may be, many will agree that it provides you with a perfect opportunity to reunite with your friends or take a chance on a budding romance. The arguably unsound yet still addicting rides, food you can’t find anywhere else, and feisty summer heat come together to form an unforgettable experience best had with others every single year.

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