National Pit Bull Awareness Month


To some, pitbulls are thought to be vicious, bloodthirsty animals, but is this really true? According to in regards to a test given to show levels of aggressiveness, “American Pit Bull Terriers passed the test at a rate of 85 percent. This is higher than Collies, Golden Retrievers, and other dogs generally considered “family friendly”. The average dog population is around 77 percent”. As you can see by this data, you don’t have to be afraid of these sweet dogs.

National Pitbull Awareness Month was created in efforts to reduce the stigma that pitbulls face, because in reality, the majority of this breed are as harmless as any other dog. Although this isn’t technically an official holiday, its necessity to exist gets stronger every year. Over 900 cities in the United States have passed breed-specific laws. In parts of Oregon, pitbulls are declared “dangerous”. In Malheur County (SE OR), pitbulls – among several other breeds – are even restricted ( Take a look at this cute pup, do you really think that it’s out to get your blood?

This month, give some extra love to any pitbulls you may know. If you have a pitbull, send a picture to us at – we’d love some extra cuteness in our inbox!


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