A Halloween Birthday Reflection


Overall, having my birthday on Halloween is pretty great. I mean, seriously… I get pretty much all the sweets I could possibly want and presents?! Yeah, there are definitely some drawbacks, but there are awesome upsides to it as well. One of my favorite stories from when I was born is that my sister went trick-or-treating with the nurses in the hospital because she missed out on the real deal, and she said that I was her early birthday present because her birthday is on November 5th. If that isn’t the cutest thing, then I don’t know what is! A super cute photo is the one where I’m crying. That year, my sister was Dora and I was her sidekick Boots…probably one of the cutest costume combos!

Now, this article is definitely not me complaining about having a birthday on Halloween, but there are, like with everything, some things that aren’t so perfect about being a Halloween baby. Here are some of the negatives:

  1. Sometimes it can be difficult to make plans because everyone’s busy, but then if they cancel or change their plans, you feel bad because then the day seems like it’s all about you. But then again, sometimes people don’t want to change their plans, and that also feels bad. There’s really no win all solution with this…
  2. You can’t always do exactly what you want to do, because you may have family obligations or something along those lines.
  3. It can be fun to have a day that just revolves around you, like pretty much everyone else has, and at the end of the day, the negatives come down to this: the day most definitely does not revolve around you.  

Even though there are probably more negatives of having a birthday on Halloween than most other days, there are some pretty stinkin’ awesome things about having a birthday on a holiday – especially Halloween:

  1. You get cake and candy and presents on the same day! Are you kidding?!
  2. You either don’t have school on your birthday, or get the day after off (because conferences are always around that time).
  3. When people ask you when your birthday is and you say “Halloween”, it’s always such a shock! You’ll almost always have the coolest birthday date in the room.

Being the Halloween baby is pretty darn great the other 364 days of the year that Halloween doesn’t happen. I guess it’s actually kind of great a lot of the time because I never have to do homework, I get to see adorable kiddos in strange costumes, and it’s just always a party! At my house, you can also change the doorbell sound, so on birthdays we change it to the happy birthday tune, so whenever anyone rings it (which of course is many many times on the 31st), it’s like they’re all singing happy birthday, which is the best thing ever!  

Is your birthday on Halloween or some other holiday? If so, let us know if you like it or not at chsjournalismclub@gmail.com and/or leave a comment on this article!

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