Best Halloween Movies


This Halloween, keep up the spooky vibes with some classic scary pics for your movie night, and maybe even some unexpected ones.


Less scary, more charming, this total classic from the dark fantasy king Tim Burton is immediate in its quirkiness, bold originality, and unforgettable visual style, with Michael Keaton killing the ghost-with-the-most game as the title character.

“Edward Scissorhands”

While not a typically scary Tim Burton flick, it’s a totally perfect modern fairytale, a great transition point from “Beetlejuice”, and has enough gothic charm to carry a cold October night with friends all the way through (but could be enjoyed any night of the year.)

“A Nightmare on Elm Street”

A scary yet thoroughly fun throwback, “Nightmare” is an entertaining 80’s classic that will definitely keep you engaged but not scare you too much. (Plus young Johnny Depp is in a crop top, what more are you looking for?)


The cultural staple of horror night for our generation, revisit Pennywise’s world before “Chapter Two” arrives next year and watch with close friends for maximum fun value, and if possible from inside a large pillow fort, not that I’d know anything about that.


Maybe a little dated for the first 20 minutes but absolutely vital and thrilling for the rest, this might be a better option to watch alone among these picks if that’s your situation.


A slow-burn family tragedy that eventually devolves into heart-pounding chaos, this might be boring to some but for patient moviegoers this will absolutely scare you out of your skin; one of the most teeth-clenchingly scary films I’ve ever, ever seen.

“The Shining”

One of my favorite movies of all time, “The Shining” is a twisting, vibey, scary flick that will grab you by your shirt and not let go as it forces you to sit through 2 hours of scenes tense in their sheer ambiguity, impossible architecture, and a plot so mysterious and thought-provoking of its meaning that you’ll sit dazed like a zombie after the credits roll. (Available on Netflix now!)

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