Spring Sports Are Back!


With spring just around the corner, sports teams are getting ready for their seasons to start. Lacrosse, tennis, track, and baseball are some of the most popular, and they’re excited to get going.

Playing a sport can be a huge commitment. Most teams practice for two or more hours, six days a week during the season. Often, there are games on weeknights, and it is difficult for athletes to balance school, work, and sports all at once while still getting a decent amount of sleep. Going from the already full agenda of a high school student to an even more jam-packed schedule, it takes some time to get used to the new routine, but no matter how much hard work it is, the start of a season is always exciting.

Part of being on a team is getting to know your teammates. You’ll cheer with them when you win, and share their anger and frustration when the team is down. Teams never stay the same from one season to a next due to players graduating, quitting, and joining, so the first couple of weeks are exciting to get a feel of how the season might go.

The start of the season means going back to social settings that you haven’t been in during the offseason. It’s like coming back to school in September after a long break and getting to see your friends who have been MIA all summer.

Sophia Mauelshagen, a senior on the varsity lacrosse team, says, “I have learned to prioritize what is most important to me, which for the two months of the season is lacrosse . . . it is so worth it for the remarkable joy it brings!” She has also met all of her best friends through the sport. It’s always much more fun to have good friends on the team to keep you sane throughout conditioning, but the unofficial motto of the team (especially during conditioning), “If you’re not cheating, you’re not trying,” also helps the team out a bit during the particularly difficult days. (Disclaimer: This does not suggest that cheating is okay! Most of the time, you work harder to cheat, and if you get caught you’ll just have to work even harder than you originally would have had to.)

The lacrosse teams practice most days when it is dark, cold, and rainy, but despite the weather, everyone is eager to be back on the turf. The tennis team is ready to get on the court and baseball players are going up to bat again. Track athletes miss a bit of school throughout the season which can be hard for some, but they too look forward to running, jumping, and throwing again.

Hopefully it will get a little warmer and less wet soon, but until then, a bit of rain (or snow!) won’t hurt us Oregonians!

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