Tacovore Comes To Corvallis


Tacovore, which has its first location in Eugene, opened late last year to overall positive reviews from Corvallis residents, especially those who appreciate the restaurant’s location in the Timberhill Shopping Center. Tacovore (a play on food-lover words like omnivore and carnivore) is known for its tacos, of course, which are made to order with fresh ingredients, as well as its margaritas, salsas, and daily specials. Many locals appreciate the vegan and vegetarian options which the Gazette-Times reports are made on separate surfaces, away from the meat.

The average rating on Facebook is 3.8 stars and on Yelp is 3.5 stars, and Corvallis High students are pretty much in agreement. Out of 47 responders in an Instagram poll, there was a 3.5-star average rating of the restaurant. However, the other question on the poll asked if they had been to Tacovore, and just forty said they’d been. So take the results with a grain of salt.

But out of some Spartans who really have visited the new taco place, here are some reactions:

“It’s cute and has good drinks!” – M.G.

“You already know I could bathe in that pineapple jalapeño salsa…” – S.M.

“It’s very similar to Tacovino except Tacovino is better.” – I.G.

“Too expensive.” – K.M.


I’ve been to Tacovino three times.

The first time with a friend, I got the pescado and crispy cauliflower tacos. They were not that big, and for a $4 fish taco I expected a little more, but they tasted great! The crispy cauliflower taco, for $3.50, I was in love with! It had a bit of a kick, but I really appreciated its flavor. Being vegetarian can be hard because sometimes the options lack flavor, but this was not the case at all with the cauliflower. We sat upstairs and the big TVs were a little distracting, but they have some nice little tables up there. Plus, we were close to the salsa for frequent refills.

The next time, I went with my family to celebrate my acceptance to college (yay!). Because my parents were buying, we splurged and got chips & guac and agua fresca. The agua fresca was really good… I don’t remember what flavor it was but definitely worth it! At the time, I thought the chips and guac were good, but looking back I think it was more about the company than the food. We sat on the lower floor, which is definitely the place to go for dinner. It’s a lot more secluded and a little darker, too. We ran into a bunch of people we knew, which is either a positive or negative thing about a new spot in small town Corvallis.

The third time, I went by myself to watch the Saints on TV, so I sat upstairs and had an unobstructed view of the game. I did homework during the ads which was a little difficult, especially because of how loud it gets in there. It was also my most disappointing food experience. I wasn’t that hungry so I didn’t get any tacos, just guac ($4) and chips ($2). I was pretty disappointed by that — the guac was very unexciting, and after thinking about how I could have bought an entire bag of chips from the store that would probably be better than the ones here, I couldn’t enjoy my snack without feeling guilty about wasting $6. Plus, the Saints lost.

I haven’t been back since, and I don’t know if I will be soon. It was a fun new place to try, but to be honest? Chipotle has the most amazing lime chips, and even if the guac is extra, it’s worth it.

If you go, I recommend tacos and if you’re feeling it, a drink. And of course, don’t forget the pineapple jalapeño salsa!

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