New Mural at CHS!


If you use the locker room closest to the cafeteria area, you may have noticed a new addition to one of the walls. Over spring break, a group of sophomores–Iris Anderson, Gabrielle Smit, Ava Ponder, and myself–painted a Lady Spartan on the far wall of the locker room along with the quote, “We Will Rise”. It all started as a small idea one day just weeks before, but it soon came to life. We wanted to add some color to our school, and thought cheering up the locker room would be a good start.

“All representations of our mascot are male, and I felt that needed to change,” says Iris Anderson. The idea of a Lady Spartan along with the quote, “We Will Rise” seemed perfectly fitting. As a whole, this mural aims to break down the stereotypes that say girls and women are inferior and that they will never be at the same level or on the same playing field as boys and men. Various students around the school have said that the mural’s message has made a difference in their day-to-day lives. They say it has made them feel seen and empowered. “It is meant to send a message to all girls that they are strong and important,” Ava Ponder says. It is really amazing to think about future students seeing this mural, even long after we are gone from this school. We all hope that this will have a lasting impact, and hope that others “can look up at it and see themselves,” says Iris Anderson.

A huge thank you goes out to Matt Boring, Colleen Works, Cindy Appanaitis, and all of our amazing custodians who helped us throughout the whole process, along with everyone else who supported us and made it a reality. Go check it out if you can, it’s a powerful thing and lots of work and love went into it. Go Sparts!

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