Things to Do in Corvallis

KARI GOTTFRIED It’s a sunny Saturday in September, and you want to hang out with friends. But what do you do? Walk around downtown...again? See an overpriced movie? Just lie around at home, hoping to think of something fun - and inexpensive - to do? Wait no more, because this is a list of some... Continue Reading →

The City of Brotherly Love

This article was written for Jcamp 2017, which you can read about here. The article was first featured here.  What’s in a name? In the case of Philadelphia, a lot. Named by William Penn in 1681, the founder of the Pennsylvania colony drew inspiration from the Greek roots: phileo for love and adelphos for brother. That’s how... Continue Reading →

A Day Without Women

KARI GOTTFRIED On January 20th, 2017, President Donald J. Trump took office. On January 21st, 2017, an estimated 470,000 people marched in protest in Washington D.C. in the Women’s March, and millions marched in solidarity around the country and even the world. In Oregon, there were marches in Salem, Eugene, and Portland, which many CHS... Continue Reading →

New On Netflix: January

GRACE KNUTSEN As the holidays have come and gone, and you’ve said goodbye to another year’s worth of family holiday dinners, weekend expeditions to find the perfect Christmas tree, marathon shopping excursions, ugly Christmas sweater parties, and wearisome road trips to visit extended family.  If you’re left wondering how to fill up all your new-found... Continue Reading →

Spartan Success: The President of Princeton

  KARI GOTTFRIED Corvallis High School has been around since 1910. Even though the original building isn’t standing, tens of thousands of students have passed through the halls of CHS as Spartans. They have gone on to become physicists, football players, teachers, singers, and more. Today we will be focusing on one alumni in particular,... Continue Reading →

Wordstock 2016

ALASDAIR PADMAN PORTLAND - November 15, 2016, started off early in Portland as the massive, two day literary arts festival, Wordstock, opened to a wave of readers and writers alike. Early festival goers were already in line by eight, waiting to buy or pick up tickets. By nine, the festival was in full swing, with... Continue Reading →

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